TYMSNOW Inc. has developed a total management system that allows community organizations and families find and locate the proper resources to build communities and families. Our goal is to come alongside and give these organizations the strategies and resources to empower the parents within them to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children.

We strive to create a safe family friendly atmosphere where everyone in the community can share their resources. For this reason, we seek to uplift the community through education, mentoring programs and partnerships. We accomplish this by developing an infrastructure that leverages the best God-given talent, skill, and abilities of each individual within each community.



184 Main Collins Street | West victoria 8007


Our Leadership Team


James A. Smith Jr.


Mr. Smith has over 30 years in the Information Technology (IT) field; many of it, installing, implementing, and managing secure infrastructures and solutions for large government, commercial, and community organizations.


Tonetta Y. Matthews Smith

Co-Founder – TYMSNOW Inc. – President

Mrs. Tonetta Matthews-Smith the co-founder of TYMSNOW Inc. has over 20+ years in office management with superior administrative skills. She worked for one of the world”s leading shipping and packaging companies for 10 years in the areas of HR management and community outreach.